Who We Are

Thin Blue Brotherhood Foundation

A not for profit organization dedicated to all first responders.

Heroes and Hot Rods Car Show

A subsidiary of Thin Blue Brotherhood Foundation Inc.

In August 2014, Thin Blue Brotherhood started as a Facebook page geared towards positive law enforcement news, stories, and support. We have always encouraged fans to share their stories, photos and anything else that is positive. In 2017 we began hosting an annual car show to raise money so we can give back to our heroes. During that time we donated over $10,000 to the Oklahoma Fraternal Order of Police. In 2020 we decided to create our own not for profit organization and we named it The Thin Blue Brotherhood Foundation. We are a not for profit 501(c) (3).

Our Team



President and Founder

The founder of Thin Blue Brotherhood facebook page, Heroes and Hot Rods Car Show and Thin Blue Brotherhood Foundation INC. Morgan has a passion for first responders and law enforcement in particular. His dad, a 27 year veteran of law enforcement, instilled in him a healthy respect and love for the profession. The  disparagement of law enforcement infuriated him and he decided to create a page where they were uplifted and praised. He encourages his fans to leave positive messages and to be a voice for law enforcement. A forum that backs the blue unequivocally. This has grown to include not only a facebook page, but a yearly car show and a not for profit 501(c)(3) foundation.



Vice President

A 27 year veteran of law enforcement and Morgan’s dad. His passion for justice and everything law enforcement was passed on to Morgan. Morgan will tell you “He is my hero” and the inspiration behind everything. He started as a police explorer at 13 years of age and was hooked. In the 27 years he spent in the profession he held several different positions including, but not limited to, FTO, Driver Instructor, and of course Chief of Police. He retired in 2016 and has been helping Morgan with the car show each year. He has strongly encouraged Morgan to follow his passion and this culminated in Thin Blue Brotherhood becoming a not for profit.